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There are many different ways to describe something or someplace. Sometimes a word is enough but sometimes all do not agree to help about where to start how to tell. Istanbul is one city covers all colors, characters and descriptions.

Istanbul is the gate that opens two different worlds: The East and the West. Istanbul is a pot in which Ottoman culture based on roman culture, antique West Anatolian culture and Hellenistic culture: the myth’s Altai that filtered from Chinese, as well as Indian and Persian cultures are blended with Eastern and Western civilizations and got decorated with Islamic legends… it is only cross of the East and West’s past, but also the intersection of their future.

Istanbul is the mosaic of faiths. Peace land of Jews, Ashkenazis, Sephardics, Karays, Converted from Judaism, Christians, Orthodox Greeks, Catholic Protestants, Orthodox Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarian, Romanian, Protestan Turks, Orthodox Turks, Gregorian or Apostolic Armenians, Catholic Armenians, Kadim, Catholic, Protestant Syriacs, Keldani, Maruni, Melkit Communities, Catholic Italians, French, Polish, Maltese, Protestant Dutch, Germans, British, Georgians, Jehovah’s witness, Mormons, Bahai, Alevi, Bektashi, Shiites, different Shiite and Sunni sects, Africans of different faiths, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Uyghurs, Masons, Shamans and people who still follow their ancestors.

With almost twenty thousand cultural and historical values, this city is a blazonry of deep history, many cultures, east-west architecture, different imagination of arts and breathing with different nation’s and cities local life. The past, the present and the future trails are everywhere. And all of open different gates to love a city. Our Istanbul love comes from knowing and sharing it best and open all gates to love city.

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